Apu Biswas Photo Gallery

Apu Biswas is a Bangladeshi well-known actress who acted in the highest number of Bengali movies. Bangladeshi actor Shakib Khan is her former husband and Abraham Khan Joy is her son.

Today here, I will share with you actress Apu Biswas Best pictures. First I will share the most viral photo of Apu. I hope you will enjoy Apu pictures. So Let’s Go…

Apu Biswas Viral Photos

Apu Biswas beutiful photo
Apu Biswas picture
Actress Apu Biswas photo
Apu Biswas hd photo
Apu Biswas

Saree Photo

You may know that Bengali girls are more gorgeous in Saree, Saree is the most beautiful and favorite dress for Bengali models and actress. Now you will enjoy actress Apu Biswas Saree photos. So Let’s Go

Actress Apu Biswas saree photo
Apu Biswas saree picture
Apu Biswas saree photo
apu biswas hot
hot Apu Biswas
Apu Biseas beautiful photo in saree

Apu Biswas Red Dress Pictures

Red color is one favorite high light color, Women like read color, Now I will upload here most beautiful red dress photos of Apu Biswas.

So Guys! Are you ready to check Apu Biswas red photos? Let’s check actress Apu’s red dress photos.

Actress  Apu Biswas pic
Naika Apu photo
Red dress photo
Apu Biswas red color photo
Model Apu Biseas photo
Bangladeshi actress Apu Bisswas

Shakib Khan Apu Biswas Photo

The highest number of Bengali movies acted by Shakib Khan & Apu Biswas Pair, In 2017, News website published a hot news about Shakib-Apu marriage.

Actress Apu Biswas comes to a private television show with her son Abraham Khan Joy, After few days later, We can know, This couple was married in 2008 & hide their marriage news more than 10 years successfully.

Bye the way, Now I will share with you, Some best pictures of Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas. So let’s check.

Shakib khan Apu biswas pic
Shakib Apu photo
shakib and apu biswas
Apu Biswas and Shakib Khan old photo
Actor Shakib Khan and actress Apu Biswas

Apu Biswas Selfie

Now I’m going to share some special selfie photos of Apu Biswas, Let’s check Apu Biswas hot selfie.

actress Apu Biswas beautiful picture
Apu Biswas 2020
Apu Biswas 2021
Apu Biswas best photo
Apu Biswas hot
Apu Biswas selfie photo
Bangladeshi actress Apu Biswas selfie photo
Bangladeshi model Apu Biswas

Abram Khan Joy Photos

Abraham khan joy is the son of Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas, This boy is so cute. Now I will Share with you Abraham Khan Joy photo with Shakib-Apu.

actress Apu Biswas and Abraham Khan Joy picture
Abraham Khan Joy and Apu Biswas
Shakib Khan Apu Biswas and thier son Abraham Khan Joy
Apu Biswas with her son Abraham Khan Joy
Apu Biswas Shakib Khan and Abraham Khan Joy picture
Apu and Abraham Khan Joy
Actress Apu Biswas and her son Abraham Khan Joy
Abraham Khan Joy with mother Apu Biswas
Abraham Khan Joy using laptop

Apu Biswas Trending Photos

Now I will upload, The best, Beautiful and gorgeous photos of Apu Biswas. I hope you will love these photo.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Apu Biswas
With Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina
Actor Bappy Chowdhury and Apu Biswas
With Actor Bappy Chowdhury
Actor Ananta Jalil actress Barsa and Apu Biswas
With Ananta Jalil & Barsa
Actress Apu Biswas and actress Pori Moni
With Pori Moni
Apu Biswas

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